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Indian Bridal Makeup | Step By Step Guide

The wedding ceremony of a bride is one of the biggest days in her life, and she must look the part of a glamorous, gorgeous woman on her very special day. You have decided on the costume, the decorations, the food, the venue, but what about the makeup? If you are going to get married soon or are someone who has been entrusted to do the woman’s special day makeup, it can get very confusing because it is a very stressful job to nail the perfect makeup with your nerves coming into play. How to do Indian bridal makeup at home? Has it got you in a fix? Never fear! Gather up your confidence, and read this step-by-step guide, which is going to be your one-stop solution for a full bridal makeup. The end result of this makeup guide will ensure that you look like a million dollars when you walk in, and all eyes will be on you. 

Step By Step Bridal Makeup Guide

Indian bride makeup usually starts with the cleansing, followed by the base makeup and other products such as eyeliner, eyeshadow, contouring and finishing touches like the blush and the highlighter. 

Beauty Products Required

  • Primer
  • Colour corrector (optional)
  • Foundation
  • Concealer
  • Bronzer or Contour powder
  • Blush
  • Highlight
  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner 
  • Mascara
  • False lashes (optional)
  • Lip Liner
  • Lipstick

Cleansing and Moisturizing



The first step to a good base is cleansing. While you will be going through the wedding facials a few days before, make sure you wash your face with a good face wash (the one you have been using) and then hydrate your skin with moisturizer. When your skin is hydrated, it makes your skin a better canvas for the makeup to sit on. 


Apply-Primer- Indian bridal makeup guide


A primer’s job is to prep your skin for the makeup and keep it long-lasting and make your skin less oily so that the makeup does not slip off. Some primers can fill up the pores on your skin to make it smoother. You need to dot the primer all over your face and use your fingers or a damp beauty blender to blend it into your skin. Be sure to pat it on so that it stays on your skin for a longer time. 

Colour Correcting (Optional)

Colour corrector- how it works

Colour corrector- how it works

Colour correcting is an optional step in this bridal makeup. Colour correctors are cream-based concealers available in different colours like red, green, yellow and peach. If you have hyperpigmentation, you need to pat on some red corrector and then blend it seamlessly on your skin using a patting motion. You may use just your fingers for this. If you have red spots or pimples on your face, then go for the green corrector. The colour corrector basically will balance any other pigmentation on your skin. 


Foundation application - Indian bridal makeup tips


Next comes the most important step in the makeup look, which is your foundation. You must always swatch the perfect shade for yourself, do not go lighter or darker because foundations usually oxidize on your skin, and it won’t look good if you do not choose the perfect shade. For this, you must see if the shade blends seamlessly into your skin and looks like a second skin. Take the foundation on a brush or a sponge, and then dot it all over your face and use patting motions to press in the foundation. Once it is more or less is incorporated, use your sponge to blend it all in. You will be left with a smooth base. You could also mix in some strobe cream with your foundation if you want a luminous finish. If you are prone to acne, you should choose a foundation that suits your skin. Websites like November Culture  and Byrdie have reviewed a list of cosmetics that suit acne prone skin. 


Concealer - How it works in makeup


If you still feel that you have some more aspects of your face you need to highlight and conceal, you could use a concealer. The trick is to use a shade of concealer that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Use this under your eyes, on the forehead between the eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose, and also on any more imperfections you would want to conceal. Let the concealer sit for a minute or two so that it turns into a creamy consistency, and then pat it into your skin. Make sure to pat because else the concealer will slip if you try blending it. 

Contouring and Bronzing



On the hollows of your cheeks and the forehead close to the hairline, you can use a bronzer or a contour powder to warm up your skin. Simply run your brush through these places with the products and blend it so that there are no harsh edges. This will give you a beautiful chiselled look and a sun-kissed look on your face. 


Use-Blush - Indian bridal makeup

Use blush

On the apples of your cheeks, put a peach blush or a wine blush because these colours look way more natural than pink. Smile and find the apples on your cheeks, and swipe on some blush. Be careful, because blush goes from 0 to 100 real quick, we would not want you to end up like a clown. Start light, and then if you feel you need more, you can easily build it up. 


Contouring and bronzing - Using highlighter

Apply highlighter

Using a fan brush, put a highlighter on your face’s high points; usually, these would be the places where the light hits your face the most. Apply a bit on your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose, cupid’s bow, and chin. Make sure to blend it in properly.

Eye Makeup

Eye-Makeup tips for indian bride

Eye Makeup

Coming to one of the most important aspects of your makeup look. No Indian bride makeup step by step guide is complete without eye makeup. Fill in your brows using a pomade. Take brown eyeshadow and use it to define your crease in a windshield wiper motion. Blend it in fully. Depending on your dress colour, pick the rarest colour on it, and use a similar eyeshadow on the eyelid. Take an eyeshadow of your dress’s predominant colour and use it mid crease to the outer crease in a triangular motion so that it looks like a wing. Ensure that your eyeshadow on the eyelids should graduate from light to dark colours, so make sure to blend in everything properly. Put some white eyeshadow below your brow bone and the inner corners of your eyes. Pair with black winged eyeliner and false eyelashes, or just mascara. Using a white or nude kohl pencil on your lower waterline makes your eyes pop. 


Lip Makeup

Lip make-up Indian bridal makeup

Lip makeup

Brides usually go for bright reds or marsala or wine coloured lipsticks. You can choose what colour you feel would go well with your dress. However, it is better to go for red, because you can never go wrong with such a colour. After you have applied the lipstick, line your lips with a lip liner, this way, the lipstick will never bleed. 


With this good bridal makeup step by step, you should be able to look very beautiful in just an hour. This tutorial is easy, without much hassle and can ensure you a very pretty look on your most special day. After all, the wedding day is the day you will remember and cherish forever. This makeup look is easy to recreate and very catchy, and will make you look like a dream on your very special day. 

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