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IELTS Classes in Aligarh


IELTS is a reputed test with International accreditation. A large number of colleges and companies around the world want their people to clear IELTS test before joining them. TAMS Studies is the BEst IELTS Coaching Institute in Aligarh.

Top IELTS Coaching Institute in Aligarh

TAMS Studies provides IELTS Tutorials in Aligarh at Centre Point. All Sections as Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking are covered and practiced rigorously under the precious guidance of Suniltams English GUru so that the candidates can easily get their desired band score in IELTS.

TAMS Studies is an English Language Academy which was founded in 1998 by Sunil Chaudhary and since 2014 actively helping students and job seekers in improving their English language skills.

Most of the European and American Colleges and Companies go with IELTS when it comes to checking the Language proficiency of the candidates and students.

Aligarh, AMU, and TAMS Studies

In our city Aligarh, there are many students and candidates who seek education or job abroad. Hence, they need to prepare for the reputed test which is IELTS. Aligarh has AMU and most of the students are talented and many of them are eager to go abroad for further education.

Therefore, TAMS Studies provides High Quality and Comprehensive Preparation for IELTS. TAMS Studies is one of the Best English Langauge Institutes in India.

Phone Numbers – 9411650207, 9759999231, 05712970615
Website – www.tamsstudies.com
Email – Suniltams@gmail.com
Faculty – Suniltams English Guru
Experience – 17 Years
Qualification – MA-English, MBA-IT, BA-Double English, Email Writing and Vocabulary Certifications, Content Writing, Etc


English Guru
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