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New Artist Spotlight: Get in on the Ground Floor With No Past No Future | Your EDM

Now this is a true New Artist Spotlight: multi-city pop-hop collective No Past No Future only has one single out thus far: the inimitably catchy and smooth “The Plug.” The promise of this track, however, is big enough to warrant both press and fans following them now.

Comprised of songwriter/artist Yung Hemmingway and producers Ty-Kee and Earl, No Past No Future is really a signpost for the label they’ve already set up, of the same name as their project. N.P.N.F, as its smartly been shortened to, was inspired by Eckhart Tolle’s spirituality-for-beginners book The Power of Now. Yung Hemmingway says the concept of being present in the present is key to the project’s success, as is mutual support.

When one of us is getting in our heads, we motivate one another to stay present in the moment. This really helps me as the lone artist. There is a lot of doubt, anxiety and pressure you deal with being a new artist. I found myself having difficulty just being able to start the process until I met these guys.”

That “power of now” has certainly clicked with the young trio, as well as the concept of no time, no space. The group currently straddle three time zones, with Hemmingway in Chicago, Ty-Kee based in Atlanta and Earl living in Los Angeles. With current technology making it easier than ever for artists to work remotely, it seems the most important thing for this group is the vibe. If “The Plug” is any indication, they’ve got it in spades.

The teaser to the collective’s upcoming EP is surprisingly chill and funky for all that spiritual posturing. There’s definitely a celestial tint to both Hemmingway’s vocals and the synth design that accompanies them in “The Plug,” but the prevailing vibe here is pop and funk. It’s a great medium for the group to insert their higher purpose into the track while making it palatable to a large audience.

Chill, fun and with bite-sized, Tolle-inspired self-care messages seems to be the way forward for this pop collective. As their whole philosophy and label are designed around these concepts, it’s clear audiences can expect more of this uplifting vibe from No Past No Future. Windy, whimsical reminders to stay present is something we can all get down with right now, and it certainly helps that this trio can bring it in perfectly pitched pop form. N.P.N.F are definitely a collective, label and artist group to watch.

“The Plug” is out now and available to stream on Spotify. Stay tuned for news about N.P.N.F’s upcoming EP.

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