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So the lockdown has been a blessing for many of us, as we got to stay home and look after ourselves. Many of us took this as a well-deserved time out of work and enjoyed finer things like ensuring our health, diet and skin were well looked after. I had been eyeing the FOREO UFO and wanted to know what the hype was about. Beauty gurus just spoke highly of this brand and how it made their skin glow.

So I decided to follow the instructions and use FOREO UFO Led Thermo Activated Smart Mask Device for a full week. This beauty gadget does set you back a bit with its price point. But after using it, I can understand why this brand is a must-have in every woman’s vanity kit.  


Foreo has raked up some great reviews with every launch going viral on social media. And, I am pretty ecstatic to be part of this club. So I have taken a before picture, to test the skincare gadget and see if I can visibly document the difference. So continue reading to see my review and how it fared on my skin.

Ok without further adieu, here is a rundown of FOREO UFO, before I share the big reveal.



What is the FOREO UFO?

FOREO UFO is a beauty spa treatment in the palm of your hand, that allows mask application for around 2 minutes as against your regular masks which require 20 mins or so.  This facial device comes fully loaded with its own app which is available on both iOS and Android. The FOREO UFO features the following three therapies – Cryotherapy, Thermotherapy and a full-spectrum LED light therapy.

FOREO claims this latest entrant, and their website claims – You can look best in under 2 minutes, and is the most comprehensive mask treatment (on the planet). To top it off, it is suitable for all skin types, you just need to take your match.

My Journey with the FOREO UFO

Day 1 –
So I unboxed the FOREO UFO power mask device and instantly fell in love with the packaging and the colour of the device. A Fushia, with a gold embossed logo. I received a couple of FOREO UFO™ Activated Facial Masks compatible face masks. These are based on Korean mask formulas. Next, I downloaded the FOREO For You app on my smartphone and synced it to the device. Once synced, I removed the outer ring, and placed the FOREO UFO™ Activated Facial Mask carefully, and secured it, by placing the outer ring back.


Next, I pressed the active treatment option, the time got set. So I gently began to glide the device onto my face in a circular motion (ensure skin is clean and dry). I continued to do this until the timer shut off. I have to admit, I felt a vibe on using this, and I felt my skin absorb the face mask serum, instantly and reach the deepest layers of skin, due to T-Sonic pulsations. I have to say, I also felt my stressed facial muscles ease and were more relaxed. 

TIP = You can use this around your lips as well to ensure it gets plumper, the T-sonic pulsations enable blood flow and ensure you have more supple lips. 

This is my face without makeup and was shot after regular facial cleansing prior to using the device. And the image of my face post usage.

Day 2 – 

So the next day, around the same time, I went in for another treatment. I could feel my skin, catch an instant glow, and was less dry than normal. Bangalore weather is quite dry and taxes the skin of moisture. I do have dry skin around the rest of my face, and slightly oily around the zone. What got me addicted to using this daily was the LED light therapy that felt like a bonus.


Day 3 – I decided to go for the thermotherapy mode. Now, this is a must-try, as the Hyper-Infusion Technology along with the T-Sonic pulsations gently heats your skin, allowing for the serum from the mask to soak into your facial muscles faster, and show a visible revitalised glow.


Day 5 – So it’s day 5, and I can safely rest assured and tell you, there is no such thing as using this treatment once a week or a month. It depends, and as I am testing this out, I wanted to document, and see if this yields quicker results to a more rejuvenated and glowing skin. 90 seconds routine ensures better absorption, and it’s a mini exercise for your facial muscles. The pulsations work their way to ensure blood flow within and boost collagen. 

It’s a mask treatment, just like your ordinary sheet masks, so you can use it every day to achieve better skin results. The difference is that instead of a 20 min mask routine, you’ll get a quick 90-seconds masking to treat with better absorption and treatment for your skin.


Day 7 – So I ran out of face sheet masks, but that didn’t stop me from using the device. I applied my regular facial serum/oil and used the device to gently allow the serum to soak into my face. How cool is this multitasking gadget, right! You can even try using aloe vera gel or anti-ageing moisturisers as a base to help the device glide and work its way. Also, this device is easy to hold and manoeuvre around your face, and neck.

Before I reveal my verdict on how my skin turned out, let me RECAP some of the features of the device. 

  1.  It comes in vibrant shades like mint and fuchsia and is luxurious and sleek looking.
  2.  It’s also compact and lightweight.
  3. It’s an express facial treatment. And best time for application: morning or evening
  4. Suits all skin types, even those with photosensitivity
  5. You get a whole range of FOREO UFO™ Activated Facial Masks to suit any skin type, including photosensitivity. 
  6. Hyper-Infusion Technology 
    1. Hot Mode – The Thermo-Therapy Mode preps skin and enhances the skin’s absorption of UFO Power Activated Masks ingredients.
    2. Cooling – Cryo-Therapy refreshes, and instantly lifts and firms skin, shrinking the appearance of pores and puffiness
    3. T-Sonic Pulsations – Stimulates the blood microcirculation and better absorption of products, facilitating skin renewal by boosting collagen (lift and firm the skin)
  7. RGB LED Light Technology – It comes with 3 LED wavelengths to help boost the skin. 
    1. Red LED Light reduces signs of ageing, also boosts collagen production.
    2. Blue Light therapy boosts circulation and promotes a healthier-looking complexion
    3. Green LED Light therapy helps to brighten the skin’s complexion and provide an even skin tone.



  1. FOREO UFO™ Led Thermo Activated Smart Mask Device
  2. A Charging cable (Rechargeable with USB charger)
  3. An Embossed plastic stand 
  4. A Foreo – Make My Day UFO activated Mask



  • It is easy to set up, just look for Foreo For You App, and hit download
  • Next, enable Bluetooth on your smartphone, and turn the FOREO UFO ON.
  • Once paired, key in your login details.
  • Look for the device, and connect. 
  • Ensure you have placed the Mask on the device, it’s pretty self-explanatory and well guided. 
  • Hit START Treatment and you are all set, 90 secs, and you can repeat if desired. 
  • There is a battery indicator in case your device is running low on its juice. 



TYPES OF FOREO UFO™ Activated Facial Mask –



Being a lazy person who hardly has time to look after my skin, this device has been a blessing. I end up putting on some scented candles and just relax. The soothing voice of the operator on the app feels like a deep meditation as well. You can add some soft meditative music to boost your mind and make you feel relaxed. I have personally noticed a more even skin tone. The texture of my skin has improved by far, due to its daily usage. I do not stick to the regular 90 secs by using it for about 180 sec or more if I am feeling extra. (And no there is no limit on how many times or secs you can use, the more the merrier). 

It’s easy to clean, under running water. Pat dry and your Foreo UFO looks spick and span. You can use any of your favourite serums or oils on alternate days if your face mask is a bit much and you are running late. 

I usually use it in the morning once I freshen up to reduce puffiness and then go about adding my makeup. Also, another tip, worth sharing, avoid using this on an unclean and no makeup laden face, to allow the ingredients to penetrate and work better. 

So, the hype is true, daily usage has indeed helped me get my glow back on. Bangalore is a city with dry weather, and now I feel as rejuvenated and youthful as ever. I noticed I don’t get whiteheads or acne anymore, maybe I’ve stepped up my face cleanse game with this device! It’s so easy to use, I’m addicted to it, and it’s compact so easy to carry with you wherever you go on your travels, just put on any mask and turn this device on for a quick glow for the day. 

Once I start travelling again, I would like to try this during a flight. My skin always gets dry post a flight. And I am waiting to travel soon so I could test this mid-air. (shall keep you posted). 

It’s quite heavy on the pocket, but I assure you, it’s your mini spa at home. I hardly visit a salon for a spa, and now I have my very own SPA time in the comfort of my home in jammies, or whilst sipping wine or watching Netflix. With the pandemic in place, I am winning with the best of the lot here. As compared to the frequent facial spa visits this turned out way cheaper and safer and more hygienic, to be honest. It comes with a 2-year limited warranty, and it’s been over a month and it is still running perfectly fine. It is definitely worth the money spent. 

The FOREO UFO is a first of its kind, and already seems to be sold out, on my sites. An up to date must-have technology for better skincare. I just adore it, and it ticks all the boxes for me. 



It is an award-winning Swedish high-end beauty tech company that was founded in 2013. It is the more sought after skincare device brand and provides beauty lovers all over the globe with the right tech to bring skincare to the next level. From facial cleansing massagers to sleek toothbrushes, FOREO has taken beauty and wellness by storm. FOREO products include LUNA (facial cleansing), BEAR (facial toning), IRIS (eye massager), ESPADA (acne treatment device), ISSA (sonic toothbrush), and UFO smart mask treatment devices. Along with UFO-activated face masks, serums, and cleansers.






I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Foreo UFO,  feel free to leave a comment below if you have used any of the Foreo devices before?


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Deena Pinto
© 2021,
Chief Happening Officer, Lifestyle blogger & Content Creator from Bangalore, India. All rights reserved.

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