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Ever find yourself spending a whole lot of time deciding what to wear? Does looking at your unorganized wardrobe give you stress? We know what you need! It’s time for a wardrobe declutter and organizing session. Our guide will surely change the way you feel about wardrobe cleaning. So, let’s begin!

Why decluttering?

Decluttering gives you easy access to clothes and takes no time to decide what to wear.  

The benefit of decluttering –

You only keep items you are surely going to wear and get rid of everything that does not add value to your wardrobe, minus the guilt. 

By the end of the wardrobe cleaning session, you will have a less cramped and more spacious wardrobe.

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Take out all the items you have in your wardrobe. Doing this will make it easy to rearrange your wardrobe and it will also help to establish items you forgot you owned. 

Divide each category into 3 sections – Yes, Maybe, No. 

Begin with pants, divide them into the above 3 piles, do this one by one with each category – shirts, T-shirts, shorts, etc.

Yes – Items you use regularly come in the ‘yes’ pile. These are your staples so it does not need any reviewing. 

Maybe – Items that you haven’t used recently, but are willing to give a chance. Review each item in this pile – say it’s a shirt you are reviewing, think of 3 looks you can create by pairing this with other items in your wardrobe. Ask yourself will you wear this shirt in the near future? If the item passes both criteria, keep it otherwise toss it!

No – The ‘no’ pile consists of items you do not use because of – size issues, prominent damages, or gifts that do not translate to your style. Toss all the damaged items and donate the good ones.

Now that you’re done with the decluttering process, you are now left with items that you genuinely love. Don’t feel guilty and be attached to items that you’re giving away. The study says that if you haven’t worn something in a year, you’re probably never going to wear it!

How to organize & arrange –

Arrange it by occasion 

Cleanly ironed, folded, and stacked according to occasion – formal, casual, and loungewear, for easy accessibility.  

Arrange it by color 

Arranging each category from light to dark or with the same color family makes it easy to pick and match clothes in no time.

Additional Tips –


  • If you have a hanging rail facility in your wardrobe, hang outerwear and shirts that you frequently use.
  • Store all occasion wear – seasonal knits, jackets, ethnic wear, suits, etc. in a separate compartment to keep it safe from moth. Bring it to the top compartment only when you need it. 
  • Keep micro accessories and socks in a drawer. 
  • Running on less wardrobe space? Roll up T-shirts and boxers in this fashion below, and stack them vertically this will create ample room for your clothes without messing them up.

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