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Life Update | What I’ve Been Upto Since My Last Blog Post

Hello everyone!
If this post has reached you, then I am really grateful that I still have a few of you who enjoy reading blog posts. I know it’s been quite some time since I last published a post here, to be precise – six months.

A lot has changed in mine, in-fact even in our lives since then (well thanks to COVID), so as I took = my own sweet time to get settled into the new phase of life, I realised it was finally time to let you all know what I’ve been upto since my last post.

Well, to rewind – you all know I got married back in 2018, and had been living in Mumbai with my husband. I had also started working with Tiktok and I was really enjoying my work and life there. But, as I thought that I was finally in the best phase of my life, we had a major life decision to make – “to move abroad”.

My husband got an amazing work opportunity back in December last year, and I had to make this decision – get ready to start our lives together in a big new city, or I stay back in Mumbai, probably move to a smaller apartment and wait a few months, find another work opportunity and then join my husband.

But well, we had less than a month to decide, and honestly I was going through so many emotions and thoughts – what if I don’t get my visa later and I am unable to join my husband ; what if I don’t enjoy living in Mumbai and feel miserable about my decision. I discussed it with my hubby, friends and family, and eventually I decided the right thing to do at the moment was to move abroad.

So, here I am, writing this post from my new home in Tokyo, where I moved back in February. Those who follow me on Instagram, might have seen my updates about looking for a house, moving in finally and well ofcourse what I have been doing to keep myself busy since we are all maintaining social distancing.

But if you haven’t seen any of those updates, I am just going to share a few pictures of what it’s been like living in Tokyo past few months :

I have been mostly keeping myself busy by doing home workouts and most days I just go out for a ride on my bicycle near my apartment building as it has a lovely stream passing by which makes for a perfect route for a jog or bike rides.

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I was lucky enough to have experienced my first sakura season in Japan, which is literally the best time to be in Japan. Usually people enjoy sakura season by having Hanami, which is basically a picnic event to enjoy the blossoms. But since the entire nation is currently in the state of emergency, we decided to skip it for this year and just enjoyed walks around the sakura trees near our house and also visited the famous Meguro river to experience the stunning cherry blossoms.

Apart from going on with my daily life here, I have tried to adjust to the new routine – which is basically being at home all the time – by indulging in cooking, reading, self care and well Netflix. I am avoiding going out at the moment, except for grocery shopping and my bike rides while maintaining social distancing.

I can’t tell you guys how many times I opened my laptop to publish new content or share my pictures from Tokyo with you all, but I just never got around to finishing the posts. It’s only because I have been struggling to this new life, where even though I am in a beautiful city – I feel like I don’t belong here, since I don’t know the local language, don’t know anyone around and also I miss my old life.

So, if you’re also struggling with your life at the moment, or you have had setbacks – trust me, you are not alone in this. Everyone goes through tough times in their lives, but definitely you can come out way stronger and better. And that’s why I finally gathered some strength to write this blog post and share with you all about my life and that even thought this might not be my time, I know that things will start shaping up soon and I have realised the best way to feel better is to pen down my thoughts, like I used to do earlier.

You can follow me on Instagram, where I am definitely more active than on the blog, but I promise I have a lot of content planned up for the blog and I can’t wait to share the same with you all.


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